Ticket Prices


General Admission (includes rides & grandstand attractions) — $10
Children 24 months & under — FREE — if they desire to ride, $7

Weekly, Daily & Mega passes may be purchased at the Fayette Co. Fairgrounds starting on
June 1.  No passes sold after July 15 at 2 p.m.

Weekly pass — $35 (includes daily admission. 1 pass per person. Rides NOT included.)
Daily ride pass — $7

1 day pre-sale tickets (rides not included) — $7

Mega pass includes rides (rides operate Monday evening thru Saturday evening) — $45
(1 pass per person, good all 6 days)

Membership ticket admits the holder to the Fair each weekday and entitles him/her to vote
for Directors, and to make exhibit entries. Will not be sold after July 11. — $40

Lunch Ticket — $10
(Lunch tickets may be purchased at the gate. These tickets are good for one (1) hour and
may be redeemed at the gate upon leaving if done so within this one (1) hour time limit.)

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